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Who We Are

SEA Literacy (SEAL) provides year-round ESL lessons, homework tutoring, and recreational activities to refugee youth grades 1 and through college.

Children in this program attend by CHOICE, they want to learn because they notice their deficiency in their classroom and other kids. This is a huge advantage of volunteering here, because you can see immediate results and improvement!

SEAL meets on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. We also go on field trips throughout the year. We are also connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! (@SEALmke)

SEAL focuses on helping these students, who at different ages may have been in the US for a month or a couple of years, to help them be more fluent in English and become more connected with peers and society. We strive to lower drop-out rates due to lack of resources.

As a volunteer, you would spend time helping kids read or do homework (some kids even choose to do summer school to get better), and if you have a particular skill you can teach, we are open to those ideas too (kids LOVE chess but need teachers, some volunteers taught knitting and the ukelele, etc.)

What We Do

SEA Literacy uplifts the lives of Southeast Asian refugees in greater Milwaukee by empowering them to become engaged members of this diverse, dynamic community. Our goal is to foster social and educational development, thus creating community leaders and inspiring future generations. We are also committed to providing Milwaukeeans the opportunity to reach out to their neighbors and strengthen the harmony in our city!