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ERAs Senior Network, Inc

Who We Are

ERAs Senior Network, formerly known as Interfaith Senior Programs, is a community-centered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization serving Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Major programs include the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and Community Outreach Services to Seniors.

RSVP volunteers respond to critical needs in Waukesha County including nutrition, housing, transportation, education, healthcare, and social isolation. Community Outreach services are provided to seniors (60+) and adults with disabilities (18+) to assist in maintaining independent living.

The Faith in Action programs aims to assist seniors and adults with disabilities in achieving and maintaining health and safety, with the long-term outcome of living independently in the community.

What We Do

Our mission is to engage and support Waukesha County seniors and adults with disabilities in leading meaningful lives. We do this by responding to community needs through volunteerism. ERAs Senior Network is THE leader in creating communities where seniors are fully embraced through collaborative partnerships, coordination of services, and intergenerational volunteer activities. We strive to provide volunteer opportunities for people of all ages, and to assist seniors and adults with disabilities to live independently in their homes of choice for as long as it is safe. We work with congregations, community groups, businesses, families, and individuals to find meaningful volunteer opportunities and provide a link to the community for those who have no other help.

Volunteers are welcome to be active according to their schedules and their desire to help. Some volunteers provide service 5 days a week while others participate in seasonal projects. Clients that receive help are grateful for the assistance, and our staff works hard to provide a flexible program that makes it easy and satisfying for anyone to participate.

There are projects for families with children, congregational youth groups, employee groups, seniors, employed individuals, and more. We look forward to working with you!