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Victory Garden Initiative

Who We Are

VICTORY GARDEN INITIATIVE builds communities that grow their own food, creating a community-based, socially just, environmentally sustainable, nutritious food system for all.

We are a grassroots nonprofit organization that:

  • teaches and promotes urban permaculture
  • builds gardens
  • organizes communities
  • grows food forests
  • cultivates leadership
  • promotes social justice, environmental sustainability, food sovereignty, food security, health and wellness 

...all through growing food!

This is a grassroots movement. Move grass. Grow food.

What We Do


  • THE GREAT MILWAUKEE VICTORY GARDEN BLITZ is our biggest event! With hundreds of volunteers, we install as many 4 x 8 ft. raised-bed gardens as we can in two weeks. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we have built 2500 so far.
  • Our GARDEN MENTOR PROGRAM matches new BLITZ gardeners with experienced food growers to help them have a successful first season.
  • During the FRUITY NUTTY 5 CONTEST each spring, we award 5 community orchards to applicants with the best plans for bringing their communities together around growing food perennially. Each group wins 30 fruit-and-nut producing plants to install in urban environments.  We raise excitement and support for this inspiring initiative at the FRUITY NUTTY AFFAIR each February.
  • Our MOVE GRASS CLASS series runs all year long, teaching gardeners (new and seasoned) about garden planning, tree care, permaculture, healthy cooking, rainwater harvesting and more.
  • KID AND FAMILY CLUB youth programming takes kids of all ages out of the classroom into the garden, getting their hands dirty and their hearts excited about growing food. We work on gardening skills; improved perceptions of produce, soil, and the natural environment; group work; nutritional knowledge, and more. 
    In summer 2014, we launched our first FARM STAND, run by the kids that grow, harvest and market the veggies. It opens for the season in June 2016!
  • CONCORDIA GARDENS is our community garden, urban orchard, compost site, rainwater harvesting demonstration, and production farm in Milwaukee’s Harambee neighborhood. We play, eat, learn, explore, and create a tangible vision of a healthy, socially just food system on this beautiful land. We celebrate a successful harvest each September at the FARMRAISER.
  • The FOOD LEADER CERTIFICATE PROGRAM creates food system changers—actionists equipped with the tools to lead their community toward a better food system for all. In this yearlong program, participants learn about the food system, community organizing, growing food, and leadership.